Standard requirements to book our services:

  • MC/DOT# - Must have your own authority.
  • Insurance
  • Signed W-9
  • Signed Carrier Agreement
  • Equipment: Dry vans, Flatbeds, Reefers, Hot shots and Power
  • New Carrier Authorities welcome.


 (832) 748-0618

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Committed Dispatch Services

Choosing to work with Avalue Logistics you choose the best solution to find the most valuable and on time load for your truck.


Our  Clients Are The Core Of Our Business

What keeps our business running is our clients and our understanding of their business. Keeping the drivers on the road and not hustling with paperwork is smooth business and we help achieve that. Knowing your business is what allows us to deliver quality and also fast and reliable services. Managing expectations is what we do best as there is no problem we can’t find a solution to.

About us


Avalue Logistics is a dispatching service business. We are located in Houston and operate as an independent dispatching supporting both inbound and outbound. 


We bring the right skills, a strong willpower and dedication to set the bar high in achieving great results for our clients. Our devoted customer support brings its A-game all day, everyday to reaching those high standards set by the industry.


We aim to become your one stop shop for dispatching services and we currently offer 24/ 7/ 365 days On Call Dispatching, Profitable Freight, negotiating your best Rates, managing your Paperwork and Invoicing, with bonus services like Trip Planning.


Our goal is to become one of the leaders in the industry, to handle customers freight shipping services no matter the size and with absolute priority and importance.


Our services

24/7 On call Dispatching

Avalue Logistics can facilitate all Owner Operators with finding loads all over the country.  With our continuous efforts to develop valuable connections of carriers and brokers, we can make sure our highly skilled team members will find you a load where you need it, both in and out of your requested coverage area.

        Portfolio Freight

We put all our efforts to guarantee profitable freight per mile to maximize your load and deliver valuable dollars for your time.

Rates Negotiation

Our experienced truck dispatchers support you to negotiate the best rate for you to make it worth the drive and the effort.

Managing Paperwork

Avalue Logistics will handle all the necessary paperwork and get it sent in for processing so you don’t have to worry about it. We complete the service by following up with the brokers to ensure timely payment and support you with getting your money in a fast and reliable manner. 


We manage your invoicing to make it really easy for you to just keep driving. Together with our managing paperwork service, we offer end to end paper processing services done by professionals that just make your business run smoothly and carefree.

Trip Planning

Avalue Logistics supports your trip planning, so you have on-time and prompt deliveries to all your desired routes. When presenting us with a shipping route, we make sure that our reliable equipment and highly dedicated drivers will deliver your loads to their final destinations.


  • Do we need a signed contract?

We do sign a dispatch contract that is non-binding, more of an agreement that stipulates the terms of our collaboration.


  • What if I already have my dispatcher?

This is no issue at all. We come in as your support if you have a tough time finding the best load and you need to keep moving.


  • What do I need to start working with you?

You will need: Your MC authority, Signed contract—non binding, W-9, Copy of Insurance.

All these are mandatory so we can book you loads properly. This will permit us to fill out all broker packets when you get a load with a new broker. Our aim is to manage all your bookings so you can focus on the road.


  • Can I choose when and where to drive next?

Totally. Consider us your team, we are here to take care of your needs.


  • Can I use you only from time to time?

Of course. However, if we do not have continuity, you might end up in a slow area and our support can be limited to any load running out of that area. We will always do our best to get you what you ask and need.


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Avalue Logistics

Houston, Texas

Phone : (832) 748-0618

(832) 748-0618